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Professional and Friendly. Restoration Pros does Great Work!!


Chuck and his team were great. Not only did they get to our house in less than an hour after we called, they stayed until 3:00 a.m. the next morning to make sure all of the water was removed and that everything was properly cleaned before they setup their drying equipment. Chuck handled everything for us, even communicating with our adjuster. We highly recommend Restoration Pros if you ever have any type of water damage!


Super professional on the job and gets the job done!


Came in and did everything they said they would do. Good communication and stayed on top of the instance and adjuster for us. Can’t ask for much more than that


Our experience with Restoration Pros was nothing short of amazing. After being out of town for over 2 weeks, we arrived home to find that a water pipe in the attic had sprung a sizeable leak. Over an inch of standing water and water damage throughout the home and since it went unnoticed for so long, we now had a mold issue to boot. Chuck and his team arrived in no time, explained the entire process and immediately got to work extracting all of the water in preparation to dry everything out. They were very knowledgeable and professional, something you don’t see as often these days. I think the thing that impressed me the most is that they listened to us and “our” concerns quickly became “their own” concerns. After all repairs were complete, they even called back 2 weeks later just to check on us and to see if everything was still fine.


Hurricane Gustav, we lost the roof to our home, we lost everything. Three days of rain in a home can sure do some damage to you and your family. We called Restoration Pros. In no time life started to make sense again. The not only restored our home but aided in the prevention of future problems from mold and rotting wood. We are thankful for our friendship with the fine folks at Restoration Pros.


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